Founded in 2010 by veteran improv comedy performer, actor, and school teacher Kim Greene Hiller, THE LAUGHING ACADEMY began as a public school-based extra-curricular program serving children in the Glenview Public School System.  

Immediately embraced by the students and their families, THE LAUGHING ACADEMY took off,  expanding quickly to eventually offer more than 40 year-long classes across 6 area schools, and impacting the education of over 3,000 students.

In addition, THE LAUGHING ACADEMY produces annual "Student Jam" free public performances,  and its students have performed at charity events for Youth Services of Glenview / Northbrook and Children's Aid, and even opened for comedian Henry Cho.

Thanks to THE LAUGHING ACADEMY's powerful impact, parents and kids began requesting additional opportunities for classes, as well as offerings for teens, and in 2019 the school proudly announced classes at its new permanent location - 3230 Glenview Road, Glenview.


As THE LAUGHING ACADEMY nears its ten year anniversary, 

we are proud to be part of the lives of so many area families, 

and we look forward to laughing our way through the next ten years 

with each and every one of you!



"Subtle but critical magic happens in a Laughing Academy class. Here, children find opportunity not only to laugh, but to connect. I love that each student at the school is welcomed with integrity and encouragement.  If you have not had an opportunity to stop, watch, and see what happens in a Laughing Academy classroom please do, as I guarantee you will know what a gift it is to our kids. We are incredibly lucky to have a resource like this in our community!" 

- Kate A.

"Laughing Academy students gain confidence to take risks, think critically, and be creative. I have seen fearful students become joyful risk-takers, children who have disabilities gain a voice that they were afraid to share, and creative children have an outlet for their wonderful ideas in a risk free environment. The Laughing Academy gives voice to students and allows them to develop socially and emotionally."

- Rebecca D.