...for kids AND TEENS?


  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop critical listening skills
  • Enhance verbal communication skills
  • Develop greater empathy for others 
  • Learn the value of peaceful conflict resolution 
  • Learn that they can make a positive impact
  • Increase self-awareness 
  • Build teamwork skills

From Pre-K to High School,  THE LAUGHING ACADEMY  is serious about fun. Our 100% supportive, inclusive atmosphere builds positivity and confidence in all our students. 

No matter where your child is headed, the skills they'll learn in improv comedy will be tools for success  in life - as kids, as adults, and every step along the way.

“It’s not about being a star - it's about shining 

as you see the gifts in others."

~ Kim Greene Hiller, Founder and Head Teacher


...for adults?



Creativity.  Confidence.  Awareness.  Empathy.  

Whether you're an actor or an accountant, the tools it takes to do successful improv will benefit you in all walks of life.

Teamwork, positivity, being fully present and tuned in, ready for any surprises, trusting your own instincts, and being unafraid to fail is are what improv comedy is all about.   

Our no-pressure approach means no judgment and no expectations.  We promise our students a safe environment where you can take risks - and learn they're not so risky after all!

It's fun to be funny,  but the fact is there's a lot more to take away from improv than just laughs. The skills you'll learn in our school will carry over into everything you do.  

So if you want  more courage, confidence, positivity, and FUN in your world, THE LAUGHING ACADEMY is where you need to be!

adult classes

"Kim Hiller is so wonderful. She entertains but also commands respect. The kids really listen, but love her. I really believe this class will help my 8 year old's self-confidence and get her out of her shell.  She is very anti-activity and never wants to sign up for anything. That all changed today. She absolutely loved it, and enthusiastically told me she wants to go every week. I highly recommend these classes!"

- Jackie P.

"I was a little self conscious at first but Kim's warm-ups got me loosened up and ready to play. I like how she directed the activity while still bringing out our silly and creative sides. And the human orchestra game was positively cathartic"

- Pamela S.

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